Sept 2016




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El Huracan

Gabriel 'El Huracan' is coming back to Vancouver to teach us Argentine Tango. Each workshop is $25 or Early bird price $80 for all 4 workshops. Early bird ends on Oct 28th.

Nov 7th 2016 715pm - 845 pm Studio: 4169 Fraser St (between Kind Ed & 26th)

Off axes for the dance floor : how to fly ! (1.5h) inter-advance Description : We'll explore with you a few Colgadas that will give you wings AND won't disturb anyone if you do it in a crowded milonga !

Nov 14th 2016 715pm - 845 pm Studio: 4169 Fraser St (between Kind Ed & 26th)

-Off axes for the dance floor : how to freeze time ! (1.5H) intermediate Description : The relations between the leader's core and the follower's free leg , allows the partners to create multiple types of Volcadas . This class is designed to show you how to use those suspensions !

Nov 21st 2016 715pm - 845 pm Studio: 4169 Fraser St (between Kind Ed & 26th)

-Sacadas : to the end of the world (1.5h) intermediate Description : How to create millions of variations with one simple concept !!! Elaborate your own creative sacadas using a simple (simple doesn't mean easy) concept !!

Nov 28th 2016 715pm - 845 pm Studio: 4169 Fraser St (between Kind Ed & 26th)

-Unusual and funky Boleos !!! Inter-adv (1.5h) Description : Learn how to create a boleo from any step and how to use them, how to give a both ; clear and comfortable lead and how to use your free leg as a follower !! With good technique and strong basics , boleos are a piece of cake !!!

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  • $20           Drop-in rate

  • $ 180        10 Class Pack. Mix and Match. Come to any class we offer that is your level anytime you can: Salsa, Tango, Bachata. (6 Month expiry date).



Our Dance Lessons Teaching Method:

All Baila Vancouver Dance Classes are set up as individual stand alone modules. Think of it as a Yoga Class you start when you start.. Our syllabus is broken down into modules. The modules can be learned in any order as the structure of the module itself is self supporting so you will not need to know what came previously to accomplish or learn the module of the day. You can start your learning with any module but need to complete all modules to move on to the next level. The modules keep cycling through so if you start in the middle of a cycle just keep attending to class and you will get all the modules completed.

How is each class structured?

 We always teach you the basics that you need to know for that module and since progressing in dance is based on repetition you will soon see how quickly you progress no matter when in the cycle you started.
How to do a dance step and how to lead and follow are covered in every class as these are two factors that need to be mastered.
 Patterns can come and go but the language of dancing (leading/following) and look of dancing (how to do the steps) are key to getting the most fun out of dance. You will soon notice you will create your own repertoire as you keep attending classes; of course we help you all along the journey and give you set patterns to make the learning easier as well.

What are the class rates and packages Taxes included in prices listed below.

  • $20        Drop-in rate

  • $ 180      10 Class Pack. Mix and Match. Come to any class we offer that is your level anytime you can: Salsa, Tango, Bachata. (6 Month expiry date)

How do I register?

You need to click on this link  and fill out the information, choose pay in class if you wish to pay cash for the lessons.

How can I pay?

 You can pay at the class (cash or Visa/MC) or online through paypal

How do you keep track of where in the syllabus I am at?

We take attendance every class and you can check your progress on our 20 Module Tracking Sheet.

Salsa Fundamentals

This beginner course focuses on the basic fundamentals of leading and following, basic turns and steps, rhythm and connection, you will be able to get on the dance floor as soon as possible and most likely during the 20 week syllabus not only at the end. We also spend time helping you learn about rhythm… there is no dancing without the understanding of rhythm! Last but definitely not least, we teach you how to establish the great connection needed to have a wonderful dance communication with your partner while reviewing all you learn. The fundamentals are like all the ingredients you need to make your own salsa recipe.

Salsa Improver

This class helps you link the moves you know into leadable combinations. We will also teach you easy to do moves that you can incorporate right away to your repertoire. All this in a fun social environment. Prerequisite: Salsa Fundamentals Class or equivalent.

Salsa Challenge

Now that you have your feet wet, move on to a more advanced way of movement. Learn how to relax your body into the moves and integrate the basic fundamentals such as Cross Body Leads and Ochos. Learn easy-to-lead-and-follow patterns and begin to feel more like a dancer as you start combining moves together. Prerequisite: Salsa Fundamentals Class



Argentine Tango Salon Fundamentals

In our Argentine Tango Fundamentals classes you will learn all the basic fundamentals of Argentine Tango, from steps to posture, to the feeling of the dance! All you need to know to navigate the dance floor and introductory patterns to start you in the world of improvising tango steps. Learn how to have a dancing conversation with your partner with basic elements of connection, ochos and barridas. We will be doing fun exercises to understand the language of tango and how to achieve the elegant look of tango. This class focuses on Tango Salon which is the traditional tango style you see danced at tango nights around the city and the world.

Argentine Tango Challenge

In our Argentine Tango Salon Patterns class you will be challenged with advanced Tango techniques. This class has tango fundamentals or equivalent as a requirement. We will work on complex techniques and more lengthy ideas. We will ask you to explore and discover movements on your own as well. We well delve into using different beats in the tango music such as Vals and Milonga.The Patterns class will require a level of understanding on your axis and your partner's to be able to accomplish the movements shown, such as boleos, ganchos, volcadas, etc.


Alternative Tango

In our Alternative Tango class we explore using the newly created argentine tango techniques, the likes of off axis movements, using the hips as a part of your tango step, shared axis movements and so on. We also stay true to the alternative tango music code and dance to many different styles of music not only alternative tango. This class will open your possibilities to dancing tango to whatever music you like. We also delve into the world of different tango embraces, breaking the rules of Tango salon and exploring the influences of other dances on the tango.



We will be practicing a hatha style modified to aid with adding more flexibility to your dancing. These classes are geared towards people who like to dance and no previous experience of yoga is necessary. Each class consists of a set of excercises which focus on core strength, and flexibility. The excercise set is followed by a deep relaxation at the end of class. Regular practice of this yoga will improve your physical fitness and help you connect more deeply with yourself and your inner core so that when you dance with your partner you are solid and grounded in yourself.

Bachata Moderna

Our Bachata classes are for all levels. We always cover the fundamentals of the steps, and the connection with your partner. Once you have an understanding of this it is easy to teach you any combination to add to your repertoire. Our bachata moderna classes is influenced by Sensual Bachata which has body movements within the bachata basics or together with your partner. Moves such as solo body rolls or combined. Hip sways or rib cage sways, dips, etc; and our second influence is Dominican Style bachata that focuses on funky footwork within your basic. So when coming to learn at one of our Bachata Moderna classes you would see a Bachata Moderna style with hammerlocks, spins and nice floor usage with a hint of Sensual bachata and Dominican Style bachata. Very Fun!