Locations: D2 Dance Studio 55 West 8th/Idance Studio 119 West Broadway

Location 2: Private Lessons. Given after booking completed via email.

baila means dance in Spanish.

At Baila Vancouver Dance School we offer group and private lessons in Argentine Tango, Salsa (Club Style and Cuban Style), Cha-Cha, Bachata, Merengue, and more.

Nina Perez, Director of Baila Vancouver Dance School, and the Baila Vancouver Team are widely recognized as Vancouver's best dancers, instructors, performers and choreographers. Known for their style and grace on the dance floor,the Baila team has been established as a dynamic, professional and engaging dance school. At baila vancouver our focus is on providing high-quality and professional instruction in a positive and fun environment.

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Great Teacher-to Student Ratios
Our focus is on providing value and quality for our students. We limit our classes to a maximum of 20 people so you have the opportunity to dance with the instructors in every class and receive personal instruction.

Clear Instruction
We provide very clear and easy-to-follow instruction building upon what you learn in each class.

Technique Oriented
We teach universal leading and following techniques so you can dance anywhere, with people from other classes or other countries!

Positive and Fun Environment
You will leave each class with a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Understanding the Music
We really care about training our students to become good salsa dancers by helping them learn how to enjoy the music, find the rhythm easily and move their bodies to it instinctively.

A Community of Dancers
Through all our classes we create a community of students so that your transition from classroom to social dance nights is easy and fun.


Group and Private Lessons in:
• Argentine Tango Salon
• Salsa
• Alternative Tango
• Bachata
• Yoga

Performances, Group Lessons at Corporate Events,
Wedding Preparation.
You name it, we can accommodate it.


Salsa: We offer Salsa on1. In the beginner levels we show you the fundamentals danced in the various styles that are most commonly used around the world.

Argentine Tango Salon: In our Tango classes we focus on the leading and following of Argentine Tango. We offer a variety of beginner level classes as well as a Ladies Technique Class on how to make your footwork elegant and stylish.

Alternative Tango: In our Alternative Tango class we explore using the newly created argentine tango techniques. This class will open your possibilities to dancing tango to whatever music you like.

Bachata Moderna: Our bachata moderna classes are a combo of Bachata Moderna, Sensual Bachata and Dominican Style Bachata. You get the best of all worlds!

Yoga: Our school offers yoga as we believe it is a great complimentary discipline that will improve your connection to yourself, your dance partner, and your dance ability. It is a hatha blend with people who love to dance in mind.

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